Is there an Android App?

Currently, the only stable official app for Movi is for iPhones operating on iOS 11.

  • But there is a beta app for Android! You can download it from the Google Play Store

We are actively developing an Android App for Movi Cinema Robot and are on track to launch a stable version in September of 2018. 

We are also working on an API for Android developers to integrate hardware control of the Movi into their apps. This is currently in development by Freefly, and once available, will be posted on the Movi Support Page.

Additionally, the Movi powers up with Majestic mode by default, and the clamp will accommodate phones of a variety of sizes (check out this article about size compatibility). If you need to adjust the parameters of Majestic control, or change the motor tuning for your particular phone, or update Movi firmware, you will still need at least temporary access to an iOS device running iOS 11, to configure Movi settings.

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