SB06 Synapsev3.4.0 (2015-10-05)

Synapse Version 3.4.0 contains the following changes from Synapse Version 3.02:

  • Added motor electronic speed control (ESC) temperature alarm
  • Added recording of configuration settings to datalog files
  • Added monitoring of I2C and CAN data bus faults
  • Added indication in the on screen display to designate between landing and RTH landing states
  • Added support for major.minor.release version identification
  • Added a feature to record a data log file when no GPS date is available
  • Changed the Arm Enable switch to the Disarm Safety switch and removed motor starting lockout from switch function
  • Changed the minimum Velocity and Climb Rate Clamps speed to 0.25 meters per second
  • Changed default Vertical Stiffness tuning value to 11
  • Changed default Yaw Stiffness tuning value to 85
  • Corrected the reporting of negative (western and southern) latitude and longitude values
  • Corrected an issue where the data log would not write fully following a disarm command
  • Corrected an issue that incorrectly reported an error during firmware updates
  • Corrected an issue where Maximum Range and Maximum Ceiling values would revert to 0 during firmware updates
  • Corrected an issue where changing settings in the ALTA App would infrequently result in accelerometer errors
  • Corrected an issue where applying the default configuration would remove autodeclination


ALTA App Version 1.1 contains the following changes from ALTA App Version 1.0:

  • Added Synapse Firmware update feature
  • Added Synapse Version 3.4.0
  • Changed Arm Enable switch to Disarm Safety switch
  • Changed checklists to reflect new guidance in the Aircraft Flight Manual

See attached PDF for full details about this service bulletin. 



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