Is there a Futaba 14SG Configuration File available for ALTA?

Yes.  If you decide to use it you will need to visit the Futaba downloads page and select the (File System Utility), It can be located here: Futaba Downloads. The Futaba utility will allow you to import the ALTA configuration file to an SD card that can then be loaded to your own 14SG. Once you have successfully loaded the configuration file to the SD card, you can copy the ALTA configuration to your transmitter. Start by inserting the SD card into the Radio. The SD slot can be located behind the battery bay door at the bottom of the radio. Config file download links below.

  1. Turn on the 14SG transmitter and tap the LNK button twice
  2. Scroll to model Sel. and tap RTN
  3. Scroll to (TX) and select (CARD)
  4. Select ALTA-14SG
  5. Select (COPY)
  6. Scroll down to bottom of page and select (COPY) Confirm again by holding RTN for 1 sec.
  7. Tap LNK twice and choose Model Sel.
  8. Select the ALTA-14SG name then (Select) and confirm by holding RTN for 1 sec.

You are now ready to Link your receiver(s)

  1. Tap LNK twice and select (SYSTEM)
  2. Scroll to first (LINK) and select RTN. Linking will begin, without delay power up first receiver with USB cable or power from ALTA. Receiver light will turn Green and System page will display link ID number. Install this receiver on the closeout panel between booms 1 and 2 as described in the ALTA Flight Manual
  3. Repeat linking process for 2nd receiver if being used.



  • Released December 2016: ALTA-14SG・ has the Disarm Safety mapped to the spring loaded SH switch on channel 9. 
  • Released August 2015: ALTA-14SG has the Disarm Safety mapped to the SG switch on channel 9.

The ALTA comes defaulted with the Disarm Safety feature disabled. If you choose to use it, please follow the Radio Mapping instructions in the ALTA Aircraft Flight Manual. 


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