Getting your MōVI + MIMIC beta bundle up and running.

There are a couple things you need to do to get your MōVI + MIMIC Beta working together. We need to:

  • Get the MōVI set up and balanced
  • Update the firmware
  • Configure the MoVI
  • Install the MIMIC Beta Receiver

Below is a list of high level instructions for accomplishing what is needed. Please see the included links or manuals mentioned for more detailed steps. 


Basic MōVI setup

1. Place the MōVI on the balancing stand and install and balance your camera (for additional assistance with manually balancing your camera, check out this series of videos).

2. Install a charged battery that was includedwith your MōVI, and power on the MōVI, keeping it still until you see three solid lights. 

3. Connect to the MōVI with your tablet or computer (Android/Windows/OS X) with the Freefly App (download the appropriate beta version from our website.)

4. Click on the Freefly and verify the firmware version on your MōVI. If you have 4.02, skip the next section and go one to configuring the MōVI. If you have anything older (lower) than 4.02, proceed to the next section.


MōVI Firmware update

1. Download the v4.02 firmware from the bottom of the Software & Manuals page. 

2. Follow the instructions included with the firmware download, to complete the update on your MōVI through the app on your (compatible) device (as mentioned above). 


Configuring the MōVI for the MIMIC Beta

1. Once you have updated the firmware, complete a basic tuning (or run Autotune). 

2. On the app, go to Configurations::Remote Controller Config::Radio Type and change it to MōVI Controller. 

3. On the app, go to Systems::Write settings.

4. Once the settings are saved, you can turn off the MōVI and disconnect the battery. 


Install the MIMIC Beta Receiver

1. Install the MIMIC Rx onto your MōVI. 

2. Reconnect the MōVI battery.


Now that we have the MōVI ready to go, we can get the MIMIC Beta setup.  

1. Power the MōVI back on. Wait until you have three solid lights before proceeding to next step. 

2. Connect the USB cable on the MIMIC beta to the included USB Battery Stick and turn the battery on. Keep the MIMIC beta still while it is initializing (20-25 seconds). To keep it still you can leave the controller sitting face down on the table. The Pan Freeze button should be facing the ceiling.*

3. Once the MIMIC beta is live and connected, the camera will turn to match the tilt position of the MIMIC beta, in this case, tilted down toward the table. You will see a solid green light on the receiver, and a flashing green light on the MIMIC beta. 



*If you pick up the MIMIC beta before it has finished booting up, the pan may be inactive. The pan axis is the last to boot up, and picking it up before it is ready to go will make the initialization process take longer. Just set the MIMIC beta back down and wait another 30 seconds or so.

*Please note that these steps do not include setting up your video transmitter, please be sure to follow the specific instructions provided by the vendor of your specific video transmitter. 


For questions regarding these steps, please contact before attempting to re-bind the MIMIC beta and receiver. 

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