Is there a difference in functionality for the new iOS App?

The iOS App has the same basic functionality you have been using on the MAC, PC, and Android platforms with some minor differences:

  • The AUX port function needs to be UART. This can be found in the App under the Configuration Tab > Expert >Aux Port Function

  • Firmware updates can’t be done using the WiFi Adapter, they must be done via the Mac, Android, or PC App.
  • The Radio Type must be set to a value different than MōVI Controller prior to using the iOS App. This can be found in the App under the Configuration Tab > Remote Controller Config > Radio Type. This means the WiFi Adapter cannot be used in conjunction with the MōVI Controller or MIMIC.
  • The iOS App can not be used to adjust parameters on the Mimic.
  • Connecting to the device must be done outside the App. In Wifi Settings connect to the Access Point named Freefly-xxxx.
    • Confirm that your MōVI is powered on. In your iOS device go in to Settings>Wi-Fi.
    • Select the MōVI Wifi Adapter’s network name:“Freefly-XXXX” (SSID will be unique to the MōVI Wifi adapter).
    • Opening the Freefly MōVI App will then automatically connect you to your MōVI. You can now configure your MōVI the way you like it.

  • The App allows setting of the devices WIFI name and password (SSID). To do this, click System >Set WIFI SSID Name.


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