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    Neil Cain

    I love the features of the new Alta and was very close to pre-ordering until I did the numbers and found that in order to fly an Arri Mini or Red Dragon etc you will be very limited on lenses due to the 15Ibs payload. This would not have been as much of a problem as I intended to use a Movi 10 rather than Movi 15 but was advised by freefly that the Movi 10 was not recommended/fully compatible.

    Example payload:
    Arri mini - 2.3 kg or Red Epic
    Power (Adapter, plate and typical V mount battery) - 1.5kg
    + Movi M15 2.47kg

    = 6.27kg which leaves you 0.53kg (1.16 Ibs) for a you're not gonna get an Ultra Prime or Master on there...struggle to get a Canon cine prime also.

    I suppose this Alta is primarily aimed at people using DSLR's as many of the pictures include DSLR's.
    UNLESS; can the camera be powered using the same power source as the Drone itself?

    Would be good if you guys can make the same craft with a 20Ibs-25Ibs payload in order to take full advantage of the 15Ibs payload of the Movi 15.

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    Adam Teichman

    I would love to have a thumb controller as a single operator control to work in tandem with the majestic mode so both can be active at the same time.
    What would be best is to also be able to dedicate the tilt function solely to the thumb controller while allowing the pan to work in tandem with it.