Can I split the Power from a MōVI battery?

For power the MōVI itself we do not recommend it.


The MōVI has an operating voltage is 14.8V-16.8V. Average current, depending on usage, is around 1A. Peak current is 10A.


If the MōVI needs to send more power to a motor, due to a heavier load or an more extreme movements (like running down stairs, etc....) and an accessory is using some of the Amps or voltage the motor needs it could cause the MoVI to go into a safe mode and shut down the motors.


We recommend using a second battery to run your accessories the power from this 2nd battery can be split to power multiple devices. Be sure to monitor the battery level using a lipo alarm or lipo checker. As the battery is built to be as lightweight as possible, it does not have built in safety circuitry and users must be careful to observe correct handling procedures.



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