Does my phone work with Movi?

There are two elements to consider for compatibility:

  • Hardware (your physical phone, size, shape, case and location of the camera)
  • Software (what operating system it uses and if our app will run on your phone)


The Movi uses an adjustable clamp to physically accommodate a variety of phones. If the camera on your phone is in the center of the body (like the Samsung S9), you will likely need counterweights to keep the roll motor out of view of the camera. Let us know if a counterweight kit specific for this purpose (where you won't every use accessory lenses and don't need the full Movi Adjustable Counterweight Kit) would be valuable for you! 

However, there is a possibility that a Plus/Max/XL phone won't fit, if you have a bulky case. If you are unsure if your case will fit, check out the graphic below:





With hundreds of Android models on the market and in the field and most of them requiring customized support, it is a challenge for a small team like ours to provide a quality, integrated experience across the platform.

To provide the best experience possible to a focused group of users, we have decided to launch Movi Cinema Robot Android App with support for select Android devices. The list of preferred phones, and their supported features and known limitations can be found on our website

Phones not on this list, may work great! We just haven't had a chance to test and optimize for anything that may be different, so there may be some operational issue when it comes to the app. But don't worry, we'll continue to test and optimize for more phones as development continues.

Feel free to download the app from Google Play or the App Store to check out the interface and receive notifications when updates are released. Since the app is designed specifically for use with the Movi, functionality will be limited when used on its own. 

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